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Glowy Morning Skincare Routine!


I always get asked about my secrets and rituals on glowy skin and I am excited to share all my favorite tips and AM skincare products today! Make sure to watch my YT video at the end for application and demonstration!

The most important tip that I have for you is none other than DRINK.YOUR.WATER - it makes all the difference—100%. Trust me. I started to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day and my skin has cleared up so much. Even before applying my products, I wake up with a super glowy face and body and I blame it on staying hydrated!

It is safe to say that 'you are what you eat' and that trickles down to 'your skin will reflect what you put in your bawdy.' And the healthier and nourishing your diet is, the better your skin is going to look. I changed my diet into eating mindful and healthy. No more takeout and more home-cooked meals. Fruits or vegetables in every meal. Adding lemon to my water. Cooking with coconut oil and so much more! Start by cutting out processed foods and add new, healthy habits to your daily routine - one at a time! For a more detailed guide, check out "Healthy eating for beginners" written by Rudy Mawer.

My skin is all about gentle, calming and soothing skincare products overall. However, I also try to control the dark circles around my eyes using personal favorites:


Soy Face Cleanser

I love the Soy Face Cleanser because it is so gentle and powerful at the same time. It's great for all skin types and removes your makeup just beautifully! The texture is very jelly-like and has a refreshing scent. It also helps to balance your ph-levels, which means you can skip the toner!

Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles

Like your lips, the eye area has very delicate and sensitive skin and requires different care. Always make sure to apply your eye cream before serums, moisturizers, oils and sunscreens. I have been using

the Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles for a while and it really helped me get rid of a few nuances around my eyes.

Here you can see a direct comparison from using it for the first time and after 14 days! I was astonished at how well the product worked for me! I will always recommend this concentrate if you are looking to control dark circles!

Ciciapair Tiger Grass Serum

Next up is one of my absolute favorite Serums I found in 2020!! The Tiger Grass Serum from Dr. Jart+ is super calming and soothing to your skin. I love to add this in the AM or PM because it helps my skin calm down and reduce any blemishes and irritation I might have. Overall it adds a dewy and glowy look to my skin without being too overpowering!

Make sure always to pat your serums into the skin for better absorption!

C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème

As a moisturizer, I am using the C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme from Ole Henriksen! Their Vitamin C - line is popular for its brightening and hydrating properties! I have been using this cream for a year straight and can only confirm what has been said!! I am truly obsessed with this creme! It leaves my skin super dewy and glowy!!

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

Last but not least, I apply sunscreen on my face because, to have your skin glow in the sun, you also have to protect it from the sun!

The Unseen Sunscreen is amazing for any skin type!! It's invisible and leaves you with no white cast on your face! I love it!

Make sure you use the 2 finger rule to apply the right amount of sunscreen on your face(Chances are you're not using enough!).

2 Finger Rule: Squeeze enough product out to cover the lengths of your index and middle finger

Check out my Youtube video for more details!

Thanks for watching !!

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