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A routine to unwind!

Hi ladies!!

Is it just me, or do you also want to fall straight into bed when you get tired at night? I think I just got lazy thinking about it, lol. I wanted to share what I do to make this time a little more exciting while using some of my favorite products. Make sure you click the YT video below for application and demonstration!

I like to include multiple of my senses to get in a nice mood.

First things first, l make sure to light up a nice smelling candle. One of my current favorites was sent to me by Rouje, a French clothing and beauty brand.

They came out with 2 limited edition, candles and Dimanche Matin (= Sunday Morning) has become my go-to candle. This candle smells like the freshest bouquet of spring flowers - it is Magnifique! I also love how candlelight changes the whole vibe in the room!

Next, I light the end of a Palo Santo stick. This South American wood has natural aromatic properties that protect you from bad energy and helps you relax your body and mind. The fragranced smoke will leave a beautiful and unique scent to get you in the right set of mind.


After setting the tone, I go ahead and turn on my facial steamer to get ready for my skincare process:

I currently use the Facial Steamer by Vanity Planet and have been loving it so far! It really provides a spa-like feeling and brings your routine up a notch! I love that it comes with three baskets(seen in pictures) for the steamer's top to soak in your favorite essentials oils.

I saw Youtuber Ivan Lam use a cleansing balm with his facial steamer and I thought that makes perfect sense - so I went ahead and tried that and became obsessed! I love how the steam warms up your face and helps the balm break up any makeup, facial oils, dirt, etc.

I am quite surprised how well my skin reacts to the Versed Cleansing Balm as it is generally sensitive to oily/greasy products! So if you are sensitive to oils and thicker products like me, this could be something you want to try!

As mentioned multiple times, it's important to apply your eye cream before your serums, oils and moisturizers(if you are using a toner, that would come after the cleansing step; however, scroll for a plot twist, lol!)

Like your lips, the eye area has very delicate and sensitive skin and requires different care. This Dream Eye Cream from YTTP has become my nightly holy grail! It's super moisturizing and helps me protect that delicate skin around my eyes! Whenever I wake up, I can see and feel my skin being super soft and less fragile!!

Hi, my name is Rahel and I am a Fenty Stan. No, but seriously Aunty Riri never fails us and obviously, her Fenty Skin line did just that: not fail. tysm. I personally Love their Fat Water, which is a 2-1 Toner and Serum(Toner/Serum = can either be applied before or after your eye cream!)

It's definitely not for

everyone, but I love to simplify my night routine with a 2-1 since I really want to go to bed, lol. The product itself leaves my skin hydrated and glowy. It's really giving glazed donut, lolol.

And lastly, I finish up with the fantastic Overnight Recovery Cream from Pacifica. This has become my absolute go-to night cream.

I love how calm and soothe my skin feels immediately after applying this product. It also adds (vegan) collagen to your skin, making it look more youthful and tight over time. And I am not going to lie; I definitely appreciate those effects :)

For more details, go ahead and watch my YT video below!

Taking care of yourself is a love letter written by you for you. K, Goodest Night!

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