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Read this before buying curvy jeans online!

I think we can all agree that leaving the house to buy clothing in 2020 and 2021 is not the smartest thing to do. BUT buying jeans online without trying them first doesn't sound like a smart idea either? Unless you know exactly what to focus on when selecting your denim! This post will share 3 major tips that help me find the perfect jeans in different online stores!


  1. Style of jeans: High waisted or Mid-rise

I know, I know. Curvy girls are being held hostile in these categories of denim styles, but those are the styles that will have the highest chance to prevent the infamous gap in the back - especially when ordering online.

As a curvy girl, your hips are larger (and the difference between your waist and the hip area tends to be way bigger) than the 'average' body shape, which means that you need more volume in the hip area and a high waisted or Mid-rise denim provides just that! You will notice that mid-rise jeans or sometimes even the high waisted denim will look just like regular waisted jeans on you!

2. Mix of fabric!

Always check the mix of fabric in the details section because yes, they could be your size, and yes, it looks great on the model, but if the jeans are 100% cotton, guess what is also .going to be 100% delivered with the denim? That gap.

The ideal ratio for sophisticated yet curve-hugging denim is 1-3 % elastane, including spandex or lycra, and 97-99% cotton. Cotton is the fabric that gives the denim a classic and beautiful look, whereas the elastane allows the denim to hug your curves.

There's also the mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane, which works wonders for the curvy body type! The jeans should still be mainly cotton to achieve the classic look, whereas polyester and elastane create the curve-hugging stretch that we need!

Here are some fabric mixes that I found to be curve-hugging:

(Elastane = Spandex, Lycra, etc)

97% Cotton 3% Elastane

85% Cotton 12% Polyester 3% Elastane

98% Cotton 2% Elastane

99% Cotton 1% Elastane is an absolute "Hit or Miss."

3. Different sizes in different stores!

I always assumed that if I am a size 10 in American Eagle, I should be a size 10 in any store, right? Wrong. Heck, I don't even have size 10 in American Eagle sometimes! Ensure you know your true size for the jeans, with the right fabric mix and repeat in every store! Below are my measurements followed by sizes:


Height: 5'4 / 163cm

Waist: 28'' / 61cm

Hip: 43" / 112cm

Shoe Size: US: 7.5 / EU:38/39


Forever 21: US 8

Zara: US 8

GAP: 28


American Eagle: US 10

Abercrombie & Fitch: 30

Fashion Nova: US 9

You can find my Youtube video: "Tips on how to order curvy jeans online in 2021 - Come e-shopping with me!" here, where I show you how I use my tips while looking for jeans online!

I hope these tips help you find the perfect fitting jeans for you!

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